Meeting Room Jakarta | Guide to Choosing the Perfect Meeting Room in Central Jakarta

With the sheer number of coworking spaces, serviced offices, and other meeting room providers in Jakarta, you can be spoilt for options when it comes to finding meeting rooms in Central Jakarta. However, not all meeting rooms are created equal. Here is a guide to choosing the perfect meeting room that will not break the budget.

What facilities are provided?

While most meeting rooms in Jakarta usually provides basic presentation equipment such as LCD screen, whiteboard and refreshments, some meeting rooms in Jakarta might charge an additional fee for these services. If you are holding your meeting at a business center or coworking space in Jakarta, be sure to ask if you and your attendees are entitled to use the coworking space and other business center facilities (printer, scanner etc) before and after your meeting. For instance, at Avenue8, all of our meeting room clients gets free coworking passes that they can use before or after the meeting.


Be careful of hidden charges! 

Some meeting room providers will only provide basic presentation materials, and charge an additional fee for other special requests. For instance, the meeting room provider might charge an additional projector screen, infocus, mic, extra chairs, free flow drinks, and more . Be sure to double check with the management before making these requests—You don’t want to be shocked when you receive the bill at the end of your meeting! 


What happens if your meeting goes on longer than expected?

Sometimes it’s difficult to predict how long a meeting will run. So what happens if you need the meeting room for just a little bit longer? Some meeting venues are flexible about overtime charges — you can simply pay the additional hours used at the end of your meeting. However, some meeting rooms are not flexible at all! Some meeting room providers might politely ask you to vacate the meeting room at the end of the booking time, or maybe impose a hefty overtime charge. If there is a chance that your meeting might run overtime, be sure to check what the overtime policy is! 


Does the meeting room provide an appropriate ambiance for your meeting?

It is important to ensure that the ambiance in your chosen meeting room venue is appropriate for the theme of your meeting. For example, if you are meeting with an investor or an important client, choose a meeting room that exudes more maturity and professionalism as opposed to a meeting room that has a playful theme or is more catered to millennials. If you are holding an offsite working meeting with your team, choose a meeting room that has plenty natural lighting so as to give the team a productivity boost. Choosing the appropriate ambiance for your meeting will certainly help to reach the objective of your meeting.  

Is parking easily available?

While this is not a problem for meeting room venues that are located in office buildings or hotels, some coworking spaces that are not located inside office buildings might have limited parking. Be sure to double check with your provider about where you and your guests can park; the last thing you want is to be late to your own meeting because parking is not easily available.

Meetings At Avenue8

Here at Avenue8, we strive to bring 5* experience to the workplace. We have a range of versatile meeting rooms and flexible meeting room plans to suit your ever changing needs and budget. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your meeting needs!

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