Coworking Space vs Serviced Office vs Avenue8: Similarities and Differences

The popularity coworking spaces in Jakarta is definitely on the rise in the past few years amid the slow office market leasing market.  While Coworking is seen as a relatively new concept, serviced offices and other forms of shared offices have been around for decades. Coworking Spaces and Serviced Offices in Jakarta feature many similar aspects and some subtle differences that will make or break the deal for clients.


Serviced offices and coworking spaces in Jakarta provide very similar amenities, services, and lease structures to tenants. Both serviced offices and coworking spaces in Jakarta are typically fully furnished and already come with all the amenities that clients need (wifi, electricity, meeting rooms, coffee, tea etc). They are typically rented out on a short term lease or on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, instead if a traditional office lease where you have to commit into a a slightly longer lease term (at least 3 to 5 years). When renting coworking spaces or serviced offices in Jakarta, clients do not need to spend a significant amount of time, money, and energy on office design and fitting out; just bring your laptop and you can start working. Both coworking spaces and serviced office in Jakarta also typically provide supporting services such as virtual office, company domicile, company incorporation and more.



One of the key difference between coworking spaces and serviced offices is the presence of community in the workplace. Coworking spaces in Jakarta are usually very invested in holding community events to foster collaboration between members. On the other hand, serviced office usually provide a private and quiet work environment.


Target Market

With community being the core of its operations, it is not surprising that most coworking spaces in Jakarta attract more new businesses and startups while serviced offices appeal more established businesses who are looking for a more professional setting. Coworking spaces also incorporate this sense of community in its design. Coworking spaces in Jakarta typically use brighter color schemes and a more creative/casual workplace design, while serviced offices typically use less flashy colors and more clean designs to create a serious and professional environment.

Is Avenue8 a Coworking Space or a Serviced Office?

jakarta shared office space market.jpg

This is definitely a question we get asked by a lot of customers! We would definitely argue that we are both a coworking space and a serviced office. While most of the shared office providers in Jakarta lie on either ends of the spectrum, Avenue8 incorporates the best of both worlds to create a whole new working experience.

Designed to maximized productivity

We combined elements of Scandinavian and Indonesian design to create a comfortable yet professional environment. All of our offices, window office or not, have ample access to natural lighting. Our offices are also designed to be community centric, while also not sacrificing the privacy that every company needs.



Our workspace designed to be community centric; we provide amenities such as snack and coffee bar and discussion areas to foster collaboration. Our private offices are designed to be private and secure; you can choose to be mingle with your cowork-ers as much or as little as you want!


Business Support

We provide business support services such as virtual office, company incorporation, legal services, domicile services, and more.


Concierge Service

All of our members have unlimited access to Avenue8 Concierge. Avenue8 Concierge is our way of supporting your business by taking care of all the little things that come up in your work day, such as taking calls, running errand and administrative support. With Avenue8 Concierge, not only can you focus more on your business but also save on some office operational and admin costs.



By incorporating the best aspects of coworking spaces and serviced office, Avenue8 in turn appeal to both startups and traditional businesses. Our members come from a variety of business sectors and each and every member bring a unique perspective to the community.



Experience The Avenue8 Advantage today. Contact us for any Private Office, Coworking Space, Virtual Office, Meeting Room, and Event Space inquiries.

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